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Fergus Stewart

- Assynt Ceramics

Fergus Stewart Handmade Ceramics have their Assynt Ceramics workshop and gallery in the Old Stables Studio at Glencanisp.

Fergus creates his own distinctive hand-thrown tableware and decorative ceramics made from stoneware and porcelain clays. Fergus’s work is sustainably wood-fired, and salt glazed. It is robust and suitable for both dishwasher and oven.

His choice of colours is influenced by the vibrant greens, blues and natural tones within the Assynt landscape, and the rich and variegated surfaces are decorated by their passage of flame in the kiln.

Assynt Foundation fergus stewart
Assynt Foundation Fergus Stewart

A visit to Fergus’ workshop at Glencanisp offers you the opportunity to buy selected pieces from the latest kiln firing, limited edition and one-off pieces. Fergus also accepts bespoke commissions and orders which can be packed and shipped to you at home in the UK or internationally.

Visitors are welcome at Fergus’s gallery and workshop at Glencanisp from April to October, Sunday to Friday inclusive between 2pm and 6pm.


Contact Fergus Stewart:

Telephone:  07732 737616


Facebook: @FergusStewartCeramics 


Assynt Foundation fergus stewart
Assynt Foundation Fergus Stewart
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