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Chris Goodman

- Assynt Wood

Chris Goodman has been making and selling his own unique hand-carved wood utensils in Assynt since 2013.

He had a workshop in the Tin Bothy at Glencanisp, until 2021.

Chris also runs woodcarving courses through the Coigach Assynt Living Landscape Partnership and Assynt Leisure.

Chris's website:


Assynt Foundation Assynt Wood
Assynt Foundation chris goodman

“I love the creative process of making beautiful things from wood – from finding a fallen branch to turning it into a unique spoon. I carve wood when it’s green – still fresh and supple – before leaving it to season and then oiling it with organic linseed oil.”

“All my items  are suitable for everyday use – just wash them in warm, soapy water and dry them straight away.”

“I use wood from trees grown in the local area, predominantly Birch, Rowan and Hazel, but also occasionally Holly, Oak, Cherry, Willow, Apple and other species I chance upon. I source my wood from friends’ crofts, where it is sustainably coppiced, or from trees cut down to keep roads or powerlines clear.”

“I try to keep my impact on the environment to a minimum by cycling to work, using hand tools instead of power tools and using organic linseed oil to protect my finished work.”


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